Al Jalal contracting company

Al Jalal company is considered one of the most prestigious entities that has existed in the region for more than 64 years, it started its activity and specialized in contracting works to be one of the first contractors in the eastern region, and we are working to develop ourselves to keep pace with the Times.

Our vision

Establishing a strong economic entity working in all types of contracting and our participation in the development of our beloved country in the Kingdom in the urban development in the Kingdom.

Project sections

With different and modern designs, we create shopping malls to provide convenience while shopping.

We take into account all comfort and safety with a creative touch when creating our architectural plans for residential towers.

We use the spaces in a creative way that takes into account the needs of hospitals and the comfort of patients.

We create a stimulating learning environment that is sensitive to learning needs.

Our projects

The idea can become a reality once it is divided into structured and scalable elements

For execution, with its execution by a team of dedicated professionals and that is exactly what we do in Al Jalal.

Our clients